Yoga for Healthy Aging

Special Three Month Immersion

Self care. Stress Management. Equanimity.

Iyengar Hatha Yoga for Transformation, Health and Well-being

Hatha Yoga Classes


My Hatha Yoga and Prenatal yoga classes are taught in the Iyengar tradition. Finding healthy alignment for the body at all ages, classes are methodically sequenced, including a full spectrum of various postures; standing, sitting, twisting, back extending, forward folding, inversions,  restoratives  and breath practice. Each week the practice is adjusted to accommodate the needs of the students present. Sitting meditation at the end of class is often included. 

Prenatal Yoga and Birthing


Teaching yoga to pregnant women has always been special to me. Proper care for pregnant woman is vital for the health and wellness of mother and child. 

The classes begin with a check in, allowing women the time to introduce themselves, what brings them to prenatal yoga and any place within themselves in need of special attention. During the class we focus on a strengthing stretch, balance, opening, relaxation, and special breathing exercises for stress reduction and the birthing process. 

Gentle yoga


These classes are  gently  paced  and   for anyone at any age, looking for a yoga class that is deeply restorative, includes stress reduction, gentle stretching, strengthening, balance, greater mobility and bone heath. Variations of inversions may be included and breath awareness exercises. 


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