Private sessions, Workshops, Birthing Program

Special Workshops for you

Yoga for Healthy Aging: (3  month  Immersion) 

Location: Adeline Yoga Studio in Berkeley

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May  15-17

June  19-21

July  17-19

Fridays, 6-8, Saturday’s  1-5, Sundays  12:45-3:15

Cultivating a Home Yoga Practice 4 week program:

If Develpoing a Home Practice is something you always wanted or even realize it‘s something you desperately  need, join Deborah for this 4 week commitment, meeting one day for 3 hours a week. You will learn the foundation of a Home Practice and how to begin and keep on going. You too can travel on this healing path to self discovery, greater health and well-being. This is the Golden Goose my friends. There is nothing better and more satisfying than knowing how to give to youself in this way. If you love Yoga, take this step and make it yours! Handouts are included.

Home Yoga Practice Workshop:

Saturday, February 8th, 2020, 2-4 pm at the YMCA Albany, call 510-525-1130

This one day two-three hour workshop is designed for beginners to launch their home practice. Learn the Sun Salutation, opening and ending postures. (This is exactly how I began my home practice 45 years ago). 

 Private  Prenatal and Postnatal  yoga  classes  by  appointment

Pregnancy and Birthing Workshop for Couples:

Assisting Pregnancy and the Birthing Process through Prenatal Yoga, Breath Work and Relaxation Techniques for a more natural, aware and manageable birthing experience.

You will learn: 

1. Yoga to keep your body and emotions healthier and more balanced throughout your pregnancy. 

2. The art of very deep focused meditative relaxation, enhancing your body's natural ability to let go; staying awake and alert while assisting your birthing body to open and release your baby with more comfort and ease. 

3. The Stages of labor. 

4. Breathing techniques to assist with your uterine surges, avoiding the need for drugs or unnecessary medical interventions. 

5.:How your partner can assist you in this entire process, through their positive words, touch and supportive presence.

Natural  Childbirth through  hypnotic  relaxation

A one day, three  hour  workshop by appointment. For couples and small groups. 

Learn  how fear  and  axiety  affect  labor and  delivery  and  how  you  can  actively  prepare  to  have  a more  natural  and   comfortable birth  experience. 

Eliminate Stress, Anxiety, Depression and more...

Deborah has had a Home Yoga Practice for 45 years. From her very first yoga class she experienced great  relief,  profound  intergration  and  had a life changing experience.  She  never turned back....